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Step 1: Idea 

Step 2: CAD Drawing

Step 4: Casting & Polishing

Step 3: Wax Model

Step 5: Finished Design

The Custom Design Process begins



with a meeting. You bring in a drawing, idea, or old jewelry, and our Owner, Jeweler, and Master Designer: Timmy White, or Designer in Training, Lindsay, will help you to establish goals and show you a few preliminary designs.

custom design, custom jewelry, houma, raceland, LA
Step 1: Idea

Start of CAD/CAM Process




CAD stands for Computer Aided Design- This means that the jeweler will create the piece of jewelry in a software program similar to one used by architects and engineers. Once the piece is created in this program, you are able to see EXACTLY what the finished product will look like with an illustrated design. At this point, you will be able to make any changes or modifications to the design. 

custom design, custom jewelry, raceland, morgan city, LA
Step 2: CAD Drawing
Custom design, custom jewelry, morgan city, houma, LA
custom design, custom jewelry, houma, LA

Computer Aided Wax Milling Process



Next the design is transferred to a milling machine (the picture on the right). The machine carves the design from a solid block of wax with a computer aided cutter. The wax model is now ready to be used to make the piece of jewelry - this is the first step of the lost-wax casting technique/process. At times, the model can also be made in resin.

Step 3: Wax Model

Spruing the Wax Model 



Once the piece is ready to be cast, it is sprued in place onto a solid base. The "sprue" is the passage which the liquid metal will flow through to form the jewelry piece. This is the beginning of the lost-wax casting process, one of the oldest known metal-forming techniques. It is called "lost-wax" because the wax mold is melted or lost in the process.  

custom jewelry, custom design, houma, LA

Pouring the Investment



The sprued wax model is then placed in a metal casting flask and is filled with investment, which is a plaster-like compound that will harden around the sprued wax model. The mold is then placed in a special oven where the wax is burnt out of the mold.

custom design, jewelry, houma, bourg, la

Melting the Metal 



The metal that the jewelry will be made out of

(yellow or white gold, silver, etc) is then heated and melted in preparation for casting the ring. 

Custom design, custom jewelry, houma, la

Casting the Ring



Our casting machine (seen above) is then spun at an extremely high speed to produce a centrifugal pressure that forces the molten metal into the mold. The molten metal then fills the cavity left from the wax model. The piece is then pulled from the mold and ready to cut from the sprue and polished. 

custom design, casting, custom jewelry houma, LA
Step 4:Casting and Polishing

Finishing the Piece



The rough casting is now cut from the sprue, polished, filed, and sanded. If there are stones in the design they are now set. The piece then goes through a final polish. Finally, the piece is inspected.

Custom design, custom jewelry houma, LA

The Finished Product



The piece is finished and your idea

is made into a reality! Now you have a unique piece that will be a treasure for years and generations to come. 

Custom design, custom ring Houma, custom jewelry, LA
Step 5:Finished Product
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