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You've finally found the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with - Congratulations! 


After choosing the perfect ring, you have to decide the perfect way to give it to her. Your relationship is unique and your proposal should be as well! This is the day that your bride-to-be will remember for the rest of her life and retell for the rest of your life together, so we're here to help you make it special. 




Ask her somewhere meaningful

such as the sight of your first date or your first kiss. Dress up, even though it's a surprise (let her know too, as she will probably want to be able to snap the perfect picture right away. Get her best friend to take her to get her nails done so her hands are camera ready too)! Or, pop the question doing an activity you both love such as hiking, snorkeling, or golfing! The most meaningful proposals are those that celebrate the "just us" moments. 

Careful with the ring

Although it may seem like a fun idea to hide the ring in the sand at the beach or in a bowl of her favorite ice cream....when you combine a risky situation with nerves, many things can go wrong. We recommend presenting the ring in a classic way, in the box. This way you have one less thing to worry about. Worried she'll see it in your pocket? Ask about our special, pocket sized proposal boxes. 

Take a Knee

One of the first questions her girlfriends will probably ask (besides can they see the ring) is "Did he get down on one knee?" This tradition is humble and classically romantic. If she is close to her family, we also recommend sharing your plan with them - you aren't so much asking for their permission as you are for their blessing. She will appreciate this extra gesture. 

A moment to remember

Although most women do seem to prefer the private, just the two of you proposal, you know her. If she is very close to her family or would enjoy being proposed to flash-dance style in front of a bunch of strangers - go for it! Either way, have someone either document the proposal or there to take pictures after. This is a moment you will want to have pictures to remember! 


Ask for advice, practice in the shower, plan ahead, but in the end- take a deep breath. Don't worry about stumbling over your words or if everything doesn't go exactly as planned. Focus instead on how much you love her and how happy she will be that you asked. 



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Still need more ideas or advice? Come in and ask for our Proposal Ideas book- it's free! 

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