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How to Choose a Wedding Band for Him

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Wedding bands shouldn’t be an afterthought. They are a sign of your partner’s promise and something you will each wear everyday! But how do you pick out his ring?

Think of your groom’s lifestyle and interests

1. Will he be able to wear his ring to work? Some men choose a simpler ring for work and a nicer ring for formal wear. Also, different types of metals offer different comfort and durability

· Platinum- This is one of earth’s rarest elements (30 times more rare than gold to be exact). With its soft white hue, not only is it extremely durable it’s also hypoallergenic! Platinum is scratch resistant and never tarnishes.

· Gold- Both classic and traditional, gold is often the most popular choice for wedding bands. Customizations are possible with karat type, weight of the ring, and types of finishes. From rose to yellow to white gold, a timeless look is guaranteed.

· Alternative Metals- Because of their sleek look and variety, alternative metals are quickly becoming go-to metals for men’s wedding bands. Titanium, the hardest natural metal in the world, is both hypoallergenic and lightweight. It is also available in various colors and finishes, allowing for personalization. Tungsten is a new technology metal. Incredibly popular, tungsten has a heavy feel; however, it is important to remember that these rings are not able to be resized and are difficult to cut off of the finger in emergency situations. Other options include cobalt, stainless steel, ceramic, wood and even meteorite (yes, it is what you’re thinking, a ring made from the rock that comes from space).

2. What are his interests and normal style choices?

· Does he like to hunt or fish? How about a tungsten camouflage ring or engraved deer antlers?

· Does he enjoy dressing up? If he already sports diamonds or gemstones in his watch or cuff links, he could definitely pull off this polished look with gemstones in his new band.

· Does he normally go for a more casual look? A high polished titanium or cobalt band both have a laid back feel.

· What is his occupation? Is he a carpenter? Try a titanium band with a genuine wood inlay. Is he a mechanic? A zirconium band with a tire tread imprint will make the ring personal. Tungsten rings conduct heat and electricity, making them a possible safety risk depending on his occupation.

Whether you choose traditional or edgy, thinking about your groom’s interest and lifestyle will help you to choose a ring that’s both personal and perfect for him.

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