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Ways to Help Local Small Businesses During Quarantine

Right now we are all experiencing an unprecedented event- quarantine and the Coronavirus. While we are following our government officials and health authorities' requirements and recommendations, many of us are found working from home or even temporarily out of jobs. While we are all aware of the serious nature of this crisis, for many of us, we are wondering what can we do with all of this time at home?!

Here are 6 ways you can support us, and other local businesses, during quarantine (or anytime really)!

Idea Number 1:

Post a positive review on our Facebook, Google, or Yelp page.

Did we help you find the perfect engagement ring or Christmas present? Did we custom design a piece of jewelry for you? Were you thrilled when someone could finally repair your grandfather's watch or favorite bracelet? Let others know how you were satisfied with our services.

Idea Number 2:

Post a picture on social media of a piece of jewelry or gift item that you have purchased from us! Take a picture of it in your jewelry box, wearing it....get creative! And don't forget to tag us so that we can share as well.

Idea Number 3:

If you have some free time, comment on and like our social media posts. It helps us improve visibility and keeps up our morale!

Idea Number 4:

While you can't visit us in-store, you can schedule an online consultation to discuss a custom designed piece of jewelry. Our owner, jeweler, and designer, Timmy, can offer you feedback and start the design process with you!

Idea Number 5:

Get creative! Dream up your perfect piece of jewelry! You can draw a picture or just describe it. Share them on social media, and tag us so we can also stay inspired. Who knows, maybe your doodle could turn into your next great idea!

Idea Number 6:

Start planning for future gifts. Is your mom's birthday next month? What about a gift for an anniversary or Mother's/Father's Day? While you can't come in store, you can definitely browse our website for gift ideas. You can also email us at or text us at (985)870-5794, and we can provide you with prices and even put the items on hold to be ordered when we open again.

Thank you all for your support! We hope that you and your family stay safe during this time, and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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