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Marriage Proposal Checklist

The time has come. You’ve found the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with. You searched her social media up and down (and maybe even stalked her friends’ social media) to find the perfect ring. Now it’s time to take a knee right before her and let the magic unfold. We know all about those “what if” questions that make you nervous. But that’s why we’re here!

Don’t let your nerves outshine the one question you’ve been meaning to ask:

“Will you marry me?”

Check out our Marriage Proposal Checklist, so the only thing you have to worry about is keeping it a secret!

Get insured

First and foremost, insure her ring! Just like a car or a house, her engagement ring can be insured

for loss or damage. Betty White Jewelers works with Jewelers Mutual to provide you with affordable insurance that covers

the entire ring. Come in, and we'll set you up for a free quote! One less thing you’ve got to stress about for the big day!

Prepare for mistakes

You might’ve developed this extravagant plan: drive her to the beach, relax in a luxury hotel room, and propose right there in the sand during a gorgeous sunset. But big plans come with small obstacles. Check the weather, and if it looks like you might get rained out on the big day, plan around Mother Nature. Travel with extra cash and a full tank of gas to be prepared for the worst during your trip. And don’t let the time of the day dictate when you pop the question: if it feels right, sunset or not, go for it!

Use a camera

Whether she likes being in the limelight or she prefers quiet, secluded outings, don’t forget to be prepared with a camera and/or a photographer. This can mean proposing among the company of your family and friends or proposing with the help of an experienced photographer. Just don’t forget to have someone there recording and snapping shots because you’ll regret not having candid photos of one of the most important days of your lives.


Keep your ears open and note what she likes and dislikes. You’ve already found what she likes in a ring, so do the same for the proposal. Talk to trustworthy people (who know how to keep a secret) and list places she likes that are special to the two of you. And respect what she doesn’t like: if she’s been vocal about her dislike of beach engagements, don’t bring her to the beach to propose.

Stay secretive

One of the hardest parts of proposing is deciding where to hide the ring. A ring custom designed through our designer models comes with the perfect box to keep her ring safe and a secret. And surely you want to shout to the world that you’re about to propose to your girlfriend. But remember that it’s supposed to be a surprise. Reign in trustworthy loved ones to help you come up with the best way to propose and talk to her closest friends if you have to, but keep in mind that the more people you tell, the less of a secret it is.

Still looking for ways to propose? When you purchase a ring from us, we’ll give you a free proposal idea book! (Just keep it hidden so she doesn’t suspect.) And for ring ideas, visit our website or pay us a visit!

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