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Help Him Write Your Fairytale

To the girl longing for her fairytale:

There you are, sitting cross-legged on the sofa eating popcorn and chocolate, lights dim, binging rom-coms on Netflix until you’re not even sure what day it is anymore. The Proposal, 10 Things I Hate About You, any movie with Ryan Gosling…you can’t help it; you’re in love with love. As you watch these perfect people behind the screen fall in love with other perfect people, you wonder, when is it your turn? When will your significant other come waltzing in after work with a bouquet of flowers and a surprise diamond necklace? When will he plan surprise dinners or take you on a spur-of-the-moment vacation? When will he propose? When will he be ready to take that next step with you?

Stop wondering.

Little do you know he’s walking into our store right now looking for the perfect present to surprise you with. He’s browsing our engagement rings to spot “the one.” He loves you, so it’ll happen. Trust me. It’s just, when he jewelry shops for you, he wants everything to be perfect, from the piece he selects to the presentation of it. He wants it to be a surprise, but he wants you to love it. And he wants your opinion without asking for it.

It’s a hard task; it really is. So help him. Just drop a couple hints here and there. Tell him what you want without actually telling him. Here—we’ll give you a few pointers. Below are the do’s and don’ts of how to help him jewelry shop without him knowing.

Do: Every so often mention how much you like certain pieces of jewelry. (i.e. “I love those earrings ______ was wearing yesterday!”)

Don’t: Send him seventeen pictures in an hour and a half of the exact earrings that you want. Let him choose on his own; you’ll be surprised.

Do: Share/save rings and other jewelry you like on social media as a subtle hint and reminder for him, but be patient.

Don’t: Continually ask him where your ring is and what’s taking him so long.

Do: Respect his budget. He’ll appreciate your concern.

Don’t: Assume that just because it’s jewelry, it has to be expensive. We have more affordable options that will induce the same awe-struck reaction.

Do: Make a wish list with us so he’ll know the styles of jewelry you’re eyeing. While he may not want to pick a specific item on your wish list, he can design something similar to the pieces you love.

Don’t: Just assume he knows what you want. You might’ve sent him a couple pictures of jewelry you like, but for him to buy you something you’re sure to adore, you’ll need to be a little more specific.

And lastly…

Do: Appreciate everything he does for you.

Don’t: Overlook the little things. Sometimes a simple “good morning, beautiful” is just as meaningful as a pearl necklace.

Now you’ve watched countless rom-coms (seriously, you’ve lost count) with popcorn kernels stuck between your teeth and an empty Hershey wrapper crumbled beside you. You’ve got a blanket up to your nose, and you’re thinking about him. Then that pestering thought of “when, when, when?” flutters around in your brain.

But to the girl longing for her fairytale: be patient because you’re living it.

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