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Dreams Do Come True


Do you remember those fun adolescent times when you begged your mom to give you her wedding dress so you could slip it on and stumble through the house pretending to be married? Remember tripping over your feet stuffed in giant “mom” heels as you asked your siblings or cousins or parents to hold up the back of the gown so you wouldn’t dirty it? Do you remember the many rings you bought with a quarter from one of those gumball machines that surprises you with a toy at the arcade?

Or how about that cute boy in middle school you had a die-hard crush on? You had his name and yours surrounded by a heart in one of your notebooks, and you wrote it and rewrote it every day. You pretended you’d be married to him one day—you’d have the perfect wedding with the perfect dress. You outgrew the phase of stumbling down the steps in your mother’s oversized gown; now you want your own. Your own wedding, your own dress, and more importantly, your own diamond ring, one that sparkles and shines, one that puts the “you” in “unique.”

By choosing to custom design your ring, you get to fully discover what you like and dislike. The entire process revolves around you—your ideas, your wants, your dreams—and the journey begins the moment you step through our doors.

We strive to make every customer happy and cater to their every want because while you may have outgrown your elementary fantasies, we here at Betty White Jewelers intend on making those dreams become a reality. We want your special day to be just as special as you, and custom design gives you the freedom to create a work of art, a piece that’ll tell your story in a unique way. We can create just about anything you want, whether it starts from scratch or from a sentimental piece of jewelry you can’t bring yourself to part with.

So stop in for a consultation. You’ll sit down with our jeweler, Timmy White, and discuss the perfect ring. We’ll create a wish list for you, consisting of styles you love, and when your special someone visits us in search for the perfect ring, we’ll present your wishes to him.

You’ve thought about this day since you were a little girl, stumbling down the steps in your mother’s wedding heels and dress, practicing your vows with the little boy down the street, watching your parents’ wedding videos and mouthing out the words “I do,” and it all lead to falling madly in love with the man of your dreams. And what would that perfect wedding day be without the perfect ring leading up to it? To make your dream become a reality, stop in to get your free custom design consultation, give us a call, or fill out the request form here.

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