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When You're Not Ready to Pop the Question

This one is for the men…

If you’re not ready for marriage, there is nothing wrong with that. Just because her friends got engaged doesn’t mean you have to propose. And just because she asks "when?" doesn’t mean you have to ask her now. You’re worth the wait, and you surely don’t want to give your heart to someone when you’re not fully ready, right?

So, in lieu of an engagement ring, here are some great alternatives (that still symbolize how much you truly love her).

1. Diamond jewelry

Diamonds represent love, commitment, and forever. While you’re not ready for a diamond on her finger, it doesn’t mean you can’t buy her a nice set of diamond earrings or a shiny diamond necklace.

2. Promise ring

Promise rings symbolize the heart of a strong and serious relationship. Ultimately, it says, “I promise to marry you, but now isn’t the time.” A promise ring shows that you’re committed, that you love her, and that one day you’ll make her a beautiful bride.

3. Heart motifs

Nothing says “I love you” in a more classic way than a heart, especially when it comes from the man she loves most. With jewelry that symbolizes your heart and your love, you're showing her you're committed. You don’t have to be ready for marriage to give her your heart; you just have to love her until the end of time. She'll appreciate the thought you put into this gift for sure!

4. Religious Jewelry

Sometimes we need to be reminded that our lives revolve around a bigger plan--one that's not our own. Jewelry such as crucifixes and everyday religious medals will remind her that you're not only waiting on the right time, but for the sign from God that you're both ready to make this next step.

5. Everyday Jewelry

A simple necklace or set of earrings is sometimes all it takes to prove you've been listening. Just because it's not a ring doesn't mean you don't hear her asking. By giving her a set that is totally her, it proves just how much you pay attention to the little things (and to her), and she'll greatly appreciate the time and effort you spent picking it out.

With all these gifts in mind, never forget to prove your love. It's the little things that matter. So, when she asks you the big "When?" question, just remind her the love you have for her and the thought you put behind every gift you give, and above all, make her time worth the wait.

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