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Top 10 Jewelry Staples Every Woman Needs

We've all heard of the basic wardrobe essentials that every woman should own: the LBD (Little Black Dress), perfect pair of jeans, pencil skirt, ballet flats, etc. But have you ever thought of the Jewelry essentials you should have as well? We've compiled a list of the top 10 staple jewelry pieces that will help you look put together and perfect whether you are going to work, dinner, or just out grocery shopping.

1. Stud Earrings

Whether you choose classic diamond studs, simple gold balls, or an edgier geometric design, stud earrings are a simple must-have for every woman's wardrobe.

2. Everyday Necklace Just like stud earrings, a simple everyday necklace is just as essential. Have you ever noticed that your mom has that one pendant she just won't take off? Or do you have a bar necklace that you put on every morning as part of your routine to get ready? The everyday necklace can be a simple diamond pendant, a monogram initial necklace, a gold cross, or a birthstone dangle!

3. Hoops

Hoop earrings go with just about everything. From a white t-shirt to a strapless gown, hoop earrings can help you dress up just about any outfit. Many women choose to go with basic, solid hoop earrings in yellow or white gold. However, hoops also come thicker (for those of us with more dramatic facial features), thinner (for those with delicate features), or diamonds (for those who want a little sparkle).

4. Pearls

Pearls are the ultimate symbol of classic elegance. They are timeless- a 6 year old can wear pearl earrings just as easily as a woman of 60 can wear her pearl necklace. This also makes pearls versatile, whether you pair them with the classic little black dress or the basic v-neck, they are sure to give your outfit just the lift it needs! Whether it's a pearl necklace, earrings, a bracelet, or even a ring, you can choose a classic white or a colored pearl such as Tahitian.

5. The Right-Hand Ring

Formerly known as a cocktail ring, this ring is often worn on the right hand (as your left is often busy with your engagement ring or grandmother's heirloom gemstone ring). Cocktail rings were originally dramatic rings with large center stones and accented with diamonds, however, today any statement ring is often referred to as a cocktail ring. Whether you want a statement piece or a simpler band, that's fine, just don't leave your right hand naked! Try a birthstone halo ring, or a gemstone ring with your favorite color.

6. Arm Candy

Diamond tennis bracelets are often thought of as an essential part of every woman's collection. However bangles can also elevate your outfit choice. Whether you are looking for something that sparkles or want to layer bangles in different sizes, you will not want to leave home without a classic bracelet.

7. Dress Watch

You need at least one simple metal dress watch. Besides keeping you punctual, it is important to help you maintain a professional look for the office or formal occasions. This watch can be anything from a simple one-tone watch to one that sports a few crystals or diamonds.

8. Statement Earrings

You already own hoops and the classic studs, but there are many outfits which could benefit from earrings that speak a little louder. These could be anything from bold gemstones to diamond dangles. Look for earrings that combine delicateness with a little drama.

9. Stackable Rings

These rings, which started out as a trend, have easily become a staple piece. Wear as many or as few as you like! Or, add a few on top of your wedding band. Stackable rings are an easy, fun way to express your personal style. Look for unique braided bands, two-tone beauties, diamond infinity bands, or something with a little pop of color.

10. Classic Chain

Whether it's a small delicate chain to use with one of your pendants or one a little thicker that you can wear on it's own, a chain necklace is a simple way to add an extra dimension to your outfit. From silver to white, yellow, or rose gold, the options start here and end with fun, different styles. Layering these with your other pendants is also a super trendy stylish option.

We are confident that these 10 jewelry essentials will elevate and complete your wardrobe. Tell us what you think! Are there any jewelry basics you always wear that we missed? What jewelry staple do you have that you just can't live without? Comment below!

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